Rangers FC v BBC (Scotland)

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    • The new Gersnet Podcast - all the latest Rangers news and post-match discussion.

      On the show this week, Colin, Alasdair and debutant John McCallum discuss the ongoing bickering between the BBC and Rangers. The guys also answer a range of interesting questions invited from our subscribers.


      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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      Kleine Anekdote aus dem BBC-Thread von Gersnet:

      Yesterday's coverage of our match against Dundee was more of what has become the PQ pattern.
      Transparency was the key word.
      DrStu' believes transparency will be achieved if the Review/Disciplinary Committee is made up of former players, as well as former Refs. He specifically stated the name of a fellow PQ employee who, "also wants an emancipated Scotland" to be involved. He went on to say that Michael Stewart would only willing to do it, if anonymity was guaranteed. He would rather avoid the social media storm that would accompany such decisions. Tick one for preferred prejudice.

      Big Dick hosted a twenty minute discussion on the same subject matter. Aberdeen are unhappy, Steve Clarke is perturbed, Neil Lennon has an interest, and everyone talked about kicking out and flicking a kick. Everyone was Wullie Miller, Billy Dodds and his EBT, Chick Young, Scott McDonald, and Alan Preston. Both Morelos and McGregor are guilty as sin and anyone else carded is provided with mitigation, including Neil Lennon aeroplaning. In the interests of 'transparency', we should know the make up of these three men panels. There was agreement that there is one rule for one club and another for everyone else. Tick two and three for preferred prejudice.

      It's interesting, we were told consistently that there was no need to know the identities of those disciplining our club, it wouldn't help the process. When McCoist questioned anonymity in the interests of transparency, it was Beeb Scotland that led the charge in ridicule. Oh, and if you are a license fee paying Bear, do not have the temerity to ask BBC Scotland which employee will be this week's FARE representative in Villareal? Further, Scott McDonald has some neck. Last season, he was correctly red carded for a flat of the boot lunging assault at a Rangers player and he appeared on Sportsound twice and on Sportscene once during the immediate week following his dismissal, to plead his case. That's right Scott, one rule for one ....... who else has such generous access?

      Objective appreciation occurs when all factors germane to the subject are thoroughly tested. Advantages and disadvantages are listed on each component. You arrive at a conclusion that can be advanced. A preferred conclusion that forces the equation to fit is corrupted absolutely. If you omit a constant factor, then your conclusion is false. The culmination of this twenty minute discussion saw Alan Preston in the final twenty seconds say, "Just because Rangers turned up with a Lawyer to bamboozle the committee doesn't make it right, kicking out at a fellow pro' compared with Neil Lennon aeroplaning on to the pitch, what's more dangerous"? Ninety-nine per cent of a discussion refusing to mention the crucial factor of a club participating in the process, fully armed; is omitted. Now, if one of Alan the Agent's players was the subject of an appeal and he was supported by a Solicitor/QC, would Alan the Agent utilise the word, "bamboozle"?

      To coverage of our game, Chico was 'monitoring' events. He began his team news from Ibrox by this introduction, "today's bottom half of the
      table fixture between Rangers and Dundee ......". Big Dick before the end of the show read out the SPFL table, "Hearts leading with a perfect fifteen points, Celtic and Livingston on ten points, and Hibs, St Johnston, and Rangers on eight points". Apparently, we are sixth; well, at least our next league fixture is top half of the table against the Saints one place above. Ah, that old adage about being accurate ensures objectivity?


      So krank wie ärmlich ...
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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