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    • Man ist schon erstaunt, welche kindlich Naiivität einige Journalisten mittlerweile an den Tag legen. Diesmal Matthew Lindsay, den nun klar seine Flagge an den Mast nagelt, da er ja augenscheinlich alle Gesichter in der Scumhut zu kennen scheint. Hier lässt er sich über das Übel "strict liability" (ergo: der Verein haftet für das Fehlverhalten der Fans ... gibt es ja erst seit ein paar Jahrzehnten bei der UEFA) aus, denn auch wenn die Yahoos seit 2007 bereits 17 Strafen erhielten, sei es ja wohl klar, daß es diesmal auf das Konto der gemeinen Hammarby-Hooligan geht, die da in Stockholm bei den braven Yahoos saßen und Ärger machten.

      Die Rangers durften nun einen Teil des Stadions dicht machen und "man stelle sich mal vor was passieren würde, wenn sie beim nächsten OF-Spiel TBB singen und dann das Stadion für ein Spiel dicht gemacht würde". Tja, das waren ja die Gedankenspiele hinter der Aktion "Offensive Behavior Bill" vor einigen Jahren, der aber auf die Yahoos dank ihrer IRAoke zurückfiel und ratzfatz wieder abgeschafft wurde. Nun pusht der schottische Justizminister (und Yahoo-Dauerkarteninhaber) Humzah den "strict liability"-Müll in Schottland wieder und genau wie in dem Artikel,wo Lindsay die Rangers heranholt und nicht die Yahoos mit ihren Gesängen, soll das eigentlich nur auf einen Verein abzielen, und der trägt nicht grün-grau.

      Es ist völlig beschämend, wie öffentlich und unangefochten das in Schottland derzeit vonstatten geht ...

      Scottish Herald schrieb:

      Matthew Lindsay: Celtic’s latest UEFA fine shows that strict liability is an ass

      THE list of offences committed by Celtic supporters during European matches in the past decade or so is a lengthy and damning one now.

      The €12,500 (£11,013) fine which the Parkhead club were hit with by UEFA on Friday for the conduct of their fans in the Europa League play-off match against AIK in Stockholm last month was just the latest in a long line of punishments which have been meted out.

      They have been repeatedly disciplined for a variety of their followers’ misdemeanours; displaying illicit banners, pro-IRA chanting, fighting, blocking stairways, invading the pitch and attempting to attack a player and, as was the case in Sweden, setting off flares and throwing objects. It was the 17th time since 2007 they have been reprimanded.

      It has been impossible to defend the imbecilic actions of an element who follow the Scottish champions at times and hard to argue with the repercussions.
      Yet, this particular rap is harsh and raises serious questions about the fairness and effectiveness of strict liability, which holds clubs responsible for how their fans behave regardless of the measures which they have taken to prevent trouble beforehand and to identify the culprits afterwards.

      There has been widespread scepticism expressed about Celtic’s claim that supporters of Hammerby, AIK’s fierce local rivals, infiltrated their travelling supporters and were responsible for the unrest which flared in the stands at the Friends Arena.
      The fights which broke out between baton-wielding police and spectators at half-time took place just behind a Green Brigade banner. Were no bona fide fans at all involved in the scuffles? Had they all nipped away to get their pies and Bovrils when it all kicked off? It seems highly unlikely given their track record.
      That said, the away team had returned 1,000 of their 2,500 ticket allocation to their hosts in the build-up to the second leg tie. Their opponents were looking to attract a record European attendance. There would appear, then, to have been no shortage of briefs freely available to anyone, no matter what their allegiance, who wanted one. It is entirely plausible to suggest that Hammerby hooligans intent on causing disorder got in.

      Indeed, one Celtic fan of my acquaintance, who had taken his teenage son to see his first European away game in Solna, this week confirmed to me there were several locals in their section of the stadium. The photographs of the clashes, one of which is shown above, back him and his club up. Have any of the individuals pictured ever been spotted in the East End. Not by me.
      Did the control, ethics and disciplinary body of UEFA take that into account when they were ruling on the case on Thursday? In this instance, it does seem as if the Glasgow club have been rather severely dealt with. Aleksander Ceferin, the governing body’s president, and his staff need to take a serious look at the entire process.
      Those who are against the introduction of strict liability in Scottish football have long claimed that it is far too open to abuse. What is to stop a particularly determined yob, they say, going to a rival club’s game, smuggling in a pyrotechnic and then igniting it in a deliberate attempt to get them into bother with the authorities?
      Those who want to see more done to stamp out crowd disturbances in general and sectarian singing specifically in this country have suggested a range of sanctions including fines, shutting down stands and even docking points.

      But there is invariably an outcry, not to mention a mass outbreak of paranoia, whenever a player is cited retrospectively by the SFA compliance officer for a foul which a referee had failed to spot or punish appropriately at the time and then banned at the moment. What would happen if, for instance, Rangers were forced to play a game behind closed doors? The game here would go into meltdown.
      What happened in Stockholm and the consequences of it shows that strict liability would be beset by difficulties, could possibly even be unworkable, in the unlikely event that it, or something like it, ever got the go-ahead here.
      My own view is that far more needs to be done than is currently the case to address what is an escalating and concerning issue. It is difficult to point the finger elsewhere when thousands of fans belt out bigoted chants. It is worth toughening up the existing rules to see if there any significant improvement. There is strong evidence that it works.
      Rangers have fallen foul of strict liability legislation twice this season – for “racist behaviour” in their Europa League qualifiers against St Joseph’s at home in July and Legia Warsaw away last month – and been forced to close off sections of Ibrox in their home meetings with Legia and Feyenoord.
      There have been inevitable cries about the injustice of it all and protestations of innocence –The Union Bears, the ultras group who were among those banished from the Warsaw match, accused the club of treating them with contempt and making them scapegoats. It was sooooo unfair!

      However, the Group G match against Feyenoord on Thursday evening, as far as I could hear from my vantage point in the press gantry at least, passed off without the air being polluted by any sectarian bile.
      Would that have be the case in an Old Firm match if Rangers had been hammered by the SFA for belting out The Billy Boys? It would be quite an achievement. It isn’t an easy thing to fix.
      Still, it is definitely worth the SFA’s member clubs and the SPFL doing more than shrugging their shoulders and trotting out tired platitudes about it being a societal problem which Scottish football can do nothing about.
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • Gersnet hat reagiert ...

      The Sun and Daily Record content banned from site

      Following Bill Leckie's outrageous and xenophobic attack on Alfredo Morelos article in today's Sun newspaper, we have decided enough is enough.
      It is proposed that all references to the Sun and any of its articles are now banned on Gersnet. We will not give oxygen to this Rangers hating, racist rag, and I'd call on all Gersnet members to support this.
      We would add our support to the voices calling for the club to ban the paper and its journalists from Ibrox and for the few remaining Rangers supporters who buy it or read it to boycott it with immediate effect.…content-banned-from-site/
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • Neu

      So interessant das ist, ohne das man diese Zeitungen etc. zitiert, hat man schwerlich Beweise für ihr Vorgehen.

      Übrigens meinte Alan Brazil, einer von diesen zahlreichen ehemaligen Fußballern, die derzeit in Schottland als "Fußball-Experten" ihren Senf (ich würde ja eher "Sprühwurst" sagen) zu allem geben dürfen, nicht zuletzt den bösen Rangers, im Gespräch mit Allardyce, daß Morelos doch ein "screwball" und "diver" sein würde.

      Es ist natürlich schon erstaunlich, wie sehr wir deren Gedanken beherrschen ...
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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