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    • Gestern gab es von Celtic zwei Statements. Jeder kann sich über die Bedeutung und Wichtigkeit des jeweiligen Falles und die Reaktion von Celtic, seine eigenen Gedanken machen.

      Celtic spokesman when it becomes public knowledge today of a internal investigation in 1986 of Celtic Boys Club abuse: “No comment”.

      Celtic spokesman today when Flanagan doesn’t get red and the refs original yellow stands: “The whole matter is a huge embarrassment to Scottish football”.
      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:
    • Passt auch in den BBC Thread, aber es geht ja um den Kniefall vor den Grün-Grauen Horden seitens der Hearts und BBC ...

      Pacific Quay Musings ... vom 22. Mai

      by 26th of foot


      I am in France at the moment, thus listening to the Beeb is confined to the world service.

      On Sunday last, ra Sellik played their final league fixture of the season against Hearts. There's a trophy to b e presented at the culmination of the game, before kick-off, Hearts provided a guard of honour. Hearts have three strips, a home, an away, and a third. They wore their third kit, an all darkish blue affair. Neither of the other two would have clashed, but they could have provided severe embarrassment to a most sensitive Sellik and their support. Both have the sponsorship across the chest, 'Save the Children'.

      In a week where the MSM in Scotland finally grew a set and challenged Sellik on their separate entity line, it was felt Hearts providing a guard of honour with Save the Children featuring prominently would be taking the pysh. A senioor Scots club had to wear a third non-sponsorship strip to assuage Sellik.

      Apparently, this was the talk of Sunday night's Sportswriters bash. It was wondered aloud why so many Hearts supporters inside PQ decided to ignore the happening? Particularly, those on the satirical side of things. A proud sponsor ie 'Save the Children' relegated to save Peter et al, from an awkward and inconvenient situation.

      I left the UK, just after the last old firm game(I know the term annoys some at PQ). On the Saturday, Shereen Nanjiani presented her ninety minute show and for the first time in four/five weeks, Angela Haggerty was a guest. It was the week of English sides Euro comebacks and the topic was raised. We learned from Angela has no English team, all her love is confined to ra Sellik, and the greatest comeback of all time occurred in Lisbon'67.

      Angela's disappearance from the show coincided with the IRA's murder of Lyra McKee, a young Journalist from Belfast. Angela's last utterance on the Beeb before popping up on Shereen's; was to demand full prosecution of 'Soldier F', but explained no prosecution of IRA members could take place because as of the Good Friday Agreement, "they are a defunct organisation". Now, we can see why Angela has been missing, awkward!

      Just like when her co-founder of 'Call it Out' Jeanette Findlay's place of work, Glasgow University received letter bombs from the IRA a couple of months past, Angela is conveniently withdrawn hors de combat. A lot of the nationalist contributors to PQ have a huge problem with Lyra McKee's murder, in fact they refuse to refer to her passing as murder. DrStu' informed us that her classification of death is, 'by crossfire'. I though you needed two sides shooting for such an occurrence? Shona Craven of the National on the Beeb was at pains to describe the poor girl's passing, "we need a new classification". Dr Eamonn O'Neill was adamant, "Lyra was not targeted".
      Just like old firm becoming an unacceptable term at PQ, 'IRA murder' is also beyond the pale. I will leave it up to Father Edward Magill who conducted Lyra's service at St Anne's in Belfast, "why did it take the murder of a 29 year old girl ......."?

      If we accept the language of our opponents, then we have already lost the debate.

      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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    • Puh, immer wenn man denkt, es ginge nicht tiefer... Gestern sah sich Celtic zu folgendem Statement veranlasst.

      Celtic Football Club Statement

      Wow, echt wow... Keine Entschuldigung, keine Übernahme der Verantwortung. Nichts. Nein, sie schaffen es sogar sich mit dem letzten Absatz ins positive Licht rücken zu wollen. Wie abscheulich kann man nur sein? Aber ich will mir das Wochenende nicht vermiesen lassen und verweise da auf die Beiträge von einem Opferanwalt, Mark Daly und VB.
      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:
    • Man weiß schon garnicht mehr, wo das rein soll ... Doncaster wußte vom Missbrauchsskandal und der derzeitige Boss der SPFL ist aufs Engste mit Cetlic verflochten ...

      Ehrlich, man sagt sowas Ländern wie Kolumbien oder Nordkorea nach, aber was da im eigenen Haus passiert ist Korruption und Schiebung übelster Sorte ...


      Sollte man vielleicht mal an DAZN weitergeben.
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • Ob man es nun mag oder nicht, aber der jahrzehntelange gedeckte Kindesmissbrauch bei Celtic ist mittlerweile das Thema in Schottland.

      Ich hätte ehrlich gesagt nicht gedacht, dass in diese grausame Zeit noch einmal Bewegung reinkommt und glaube auch immer noch, dass sich Celtic da herauswinden wird. Wie so oft gesagt no shame. Jedoch merkt man an Pressen und Medien, die ihnen sonst immer treu und oft ergeben zur Seite stehen, dass sich immer mehr fast schon abwenden. Kindesmissbrauch und das in so großem Stil und über Jahrzehnte, sind dann halt doch noch ein ganz ganz schweres Verbrechen und dünnes Eis.

      Celtic kam am Wochenende damit um die Ecke, man habe ja etwas getan.

      Celtic chief Peter Lawwell blasts claims club is doing nothing about sex abuse scandal at Boys Club as he confirms two-year investigation

      Puh, man hat das Gefühl, als würden sie sich mit jedem Statement nur noch mehr runterziehen. Viel zu spät und viel zu wenig. Wenn es denn so etwas überhaupt je gab. Man kann einen jahrzehntelangen großflächigen Kindesmissbrauch, der vom Club vertuscht wurde, durch eine interne Untersuchung aufarbeiten wollen. Wie gesagt bezweifelt eh jeder, dass es da jemals etwas gab. Es werden auch keine Namen. Das ist wie in der katholischen Kirche. Eigenen Gerichtsbarkeit. Also Teppich hoch und wieder drunter damit. Damit gibt sich die Öffentlichkeit und vor allem die Opfer, scheinbar nicht mehr zufrieden.

      Die Antwort des Opferanwalts

      Adam Tomkins sehr deutlich:

      Selbst ein Alex Thomson wendet sich ab.

      Heute legte dann die Sunday Mail gut nach.
      Klick und Klick

      Everyone’s heard the old saying about turning a drama into a crisis.

      Celtic yesterday took arguably the biggest crisis to have hit the club
      in its near 130-year history and turned it into an unmitigated

      The club, one of the country’s biggest institutions, has lurched from
      mishap to calamity in its failure to deal with an increasingly bleak
      emerging picture of a culture of child abuse at the feeder Boys’ Club.

      Celtic has the resources, the pull and the power to commission and act
      on a proper inquiry, conducted in public and led by a respected
      independent figure.

      It is certainly warranted.

      That a culture of historic abuse was allowed to pollute Celtic Boys’
      Club over a period of decades has been proven beyond any doubt.

      Four men connected to either the Boys’ Club or the club have now been convicted of criminal offences.

      The fact that it needed a second criminal trial to get to the bottom of
      the evil perpetrated by one of these four disgraceful individuals, Jim
      Torbett, is further illustration of the need for the boil to be lanced.

      Instead, Celtic’s response has been woeful.

      Its expression of “deep regret that the incidents took place” while
      stressing that the club was “an entirely separate organisation” from the
      Boys’ Club in a statement following Torbett’s conviction fell badly

      Following the conviction of former kitman Jim McCafferty last month, the
      club issued another statement this time expressing “regret and sorrow”
      to victims but which stopped short of making a full apology. It also
      made no mention of the three previous cases which resulted in the
      convictions of Torbett, Frank Cairney and Gerald King.

      Neither did it cite the “investigation” which the club says has been
      running for two years and on which it briefed at least one news
      organisation on Friday.

      This was a development, which regrettably, insults both the intelligence
      of the Scottish public and, more seriously, abuse survivors themselves.

      In a letter sent to SNP MSP James Dornan, chief executive Peter Lawwell
      said the club was “constrained in what we can discuss owing to legal

      A surprising claim given the number of statements issued on the matter over the last two years.

      It is unclear what Lawwell could possibly mean by this – certainly there
      are no issues around the Contempt of Court Act as all known cases
      against former employees of the club and Boys’ Club have now been

      Lawwell went on to say: “Some time ago our insurers appointed a wholly
      independent and experienced lawyer who is investigating and dealing with
      the matter on behalf of the club.”

      That could be described as an “inquiry” by the club as it was in some quarters yesterday.

      It also sounds a lot like the club investigating what its own liabilities might be.

      We might never know because Celtic were not elaborating yesterday.

      They have not identified the lawyer who was commissioned, said when he
      or she was hired, provided any clarity on the scope of the investigation
      nor imparted any of its initial findings. How an organisation of this
      size can fail to see the problem of an investigation into a crime which
      relies on secrecy itself being conducted in secret, is almost beyond

      Eight years ago, the American Football programme at Pennsylvania State
      University was hit by a sex abuse scandal following the conviction of a
      predatory coach Jerry Sandusky.

      Penn State, one of the most respected sporting institutions in the US,
      failed time and again to do the right thing by Sandusky’s survivors.

      The ensuing arguments ripped the university and the state apart, causing divisions that never healed.

      It might be worth the club’s senior executives examining that case and learning some of the lessons.

      The argument that Celtic is a different entity from the Boys’ Club should never be made again.

      A drip feed of evidence proving the extreme closeness of the two organisations has left that claim empty and irrelevant.

      It is not now too late for Celtic to commission and fund a real probe
      into why and how the bond of trust between young players, their parents
      and the club became so broken under previous regimes.

      If this was genuinely independently-led and conducted in public, it
      could provide closure for victims and finally resolve a running sore for
      an organisation which means so much to so many.

      In the meantime, the club should at the very least give an explanation of the exact terms of the current investigation.

      Otherwise they risk the appearance of using ham-fisted, retrospective
      crisis management instead of the access-all-areas inquiry the survivors
      are due.

      Celtic versucht weiterhin das, was sie über Jahrzehnte gemacht haben. Alles unterm Teppich halten. Mich wundert, wie schlecht sie aktuell beraten sind, scheinen sie nicht zu merken, dass sie es mit jedem Statement nur nioch schlimmer machen.

      Celtic response to Boys' Club child sex scandal has been woeful and an insult to abuse survivors
      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:

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    • Ich erwarte Entschädigungen in Millionenhöhe, Administration und Neuanfang in der vierten Liga. Für den Verein die gerechte Strafe, wenn man die sporting integrity als Maßstab nimmt. |-)

      Richtig ist aber auch, dass es den Geschädigten wohl wenig nützt, außer vielleicht den Verlust der Ohnmacht, dass man einen solches System doch zu Fall bringen kann und eine solche "Bruderschaft" nicht unantastbar ist. Wenn selbst die Celticfans in den Redaktionsstuben dies nicht mehr deckeln können (oder sogar wollen!), ist es ein gutes Zeichen. Keine Institution darf sich so unangreifbar wähnen, dass es über dem Gesetz steht - sei es ein Verein, eine Partei, ein Clan oder was auch immer.
    • Captain BlackAdder schrieb:

      Ich erwarte Entschädigungen in Millionenhöhe, Administration und Neuanfang in der vierten Liga. Für den Verein die gerechte Strafe, wenn man die sporting integrity als Maßstab nimmt. |-)
      Normal, müsste man den Laden dicht machen. So wie bei Penn State University. Abschließen und weg.

      Wird natürlich niemals passieren. Am Ende wird es vielleicht eine kleine Entschädigung geben, die Celtic als freiwillig verkaufen wird. Sich selbst wie immer zu Helden und/oder Opfer machend.

      Eventuell bin ich aber auch nur so drauf, weil sie immer mit allem durchkommen. Auf und abseits des Platzes.

      Captain BlackAdder schrieb:

      Richtig ist aber auch, dass es den Geschädigten wohl wenig nützt, außer vielleicht den Verlust der Ohnmacht, dass man einen solches System doch zu Fall bringen kann und eine solche "Bruderschaft" nicht unantastbar ist. Wenn selbst die Celticfans in den Redaktionsstuben dies nicht mehr deckeln können (oder sogar wollen!), ist es ein gutes Zeichen. Keine Institution darf sich so unangreifbar wähnen, dass es über dem Gesetz steht - sei es ein Verein, eine Partei, ein Clan oder was auch immer.

      Ja, dieses Mal scheint es anders zu sein. Teile von Presse, Medien und Politikern, die ihnen wie gesagt immer zur Seite standen, wenden sich ab. Das ist neu. Und Celtic rutscht mit jedem Statement immer tiefer und tiefer. Auf das letzte meldete sich jetzt eine Mutter der vielen Opfer.

      Ich meine, da leugnet und deckt ein Club über fast 4 Jahrzehnte massenhaften Kindesmissbrauch. Mein Gott, selbst wir hier in einem kleinen Rangersforum in Deutschland haben das immer angeprangert. Vom ersten Tag an. Seit mittlerweile auch gut 15 Jahren. Allein dieser Thread heißt seit 10 Jahren "Celtic Knew"!! Das ist doch kein Thema oder Vorwurf, mit dem man in der Öffentlichkeit leichtfertig um geht. Es war doch bekannt. Und dann sind sie, nachdem sich nach jahrelangem Schweigen doch plötzlich etwas tat, der Meinung, sie könnten mal kurz um die Ecke kommen und behaupten, dass sie seit 2 Jahren ja eine geheime interne Untersuchung laufen haben? Nach fast 40 Jahren leugnen und decken??? Das denken die doch wohl hoffentlich nicht ernsthaft. Aber das ist ihr Selbstverständnis. So erleben wir es ja auch im Sport. Eine geheime interne Untersuchung, in der die Opfer nicht mit einbezogen werden und nun zum ersten Mal von hören? Wenn es nicht so abscheulich wäre, müsste man laut lachen. Wir alle wissen doch, dass es eine Fake-Untersuchung ist. Aber sie denken wirklich, dass dann alle wie gewohnt ruhig sind und gut. Im Fussball klappt das ja schließlich auch stets.

      Was die Celtic-Fans angeht, so bin ich mir noch nicht sicher, wie die das sehen. Aber auch die haben es jahrzehntelang gedeckelt. Ich hätte mit so einem großen Verdacht gegen meinen Club niemals leben können. Aber da sind wir vielleicht wieder bei ihrem merkwürdigen Selbstverständnis. Wenn ich gerade in das größte Forum gehen, dem Huddleboard, dann ist das alles kaum bis kein Thema. Es wird so gut es geht weiterhin ignoriert. Ich weiß nicht, wie das geht. Kann sich jeder mit meinem Account gerne anschauen.

      Wie gesagt, normal müsste man sie wie Penn State behandeln. Mit dem Unterschied, dass wir niemals deren Titel haben wollen. Gott bewahre. Einzig wichtig wäre, dass die Opfer eine Entschädigung erhalten und zur Ruhe kommen, indem ihr Leiden endlich offiziell anerkannt wird. Einige werden es nicht einmal mehr zu ihren Lebzeiten erleben können. Welch eine Schande.

      Es sei den Opfern von Herzen zu wünschen. Allein es fehlt mir immer noch der Glaube. Zu mächtig war Celtic bisher stets bei all ihrem Handeln und Vorgehen. Möge die Allianz aus Club, Politik, Presse, Medien und Kirche wirklich mal entscheidend bröckeln. Grund zur Hoffnung gibt es aktuell ja durchaus ein wenig.
      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:

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    • Gestern hat ja Keith Jackson auch seinen Dolch gezückt ...

      The ghost that haunts Celtic's quest for ten in a row - Keith Jackson
      Keith believes Celtic must confront the past before they can contemplate the future.


      ... aber wie viele wußte er es lang genug, aber es brauchte viele andere Vorreiter - nicht zuletzt die Times in ENgland - bevor die schottischen Clanbrüder was sagten.

      Dann kommen unsere Fanfreunde vom anderen Ufer der Clyde daher und wollen den Daily Record (er sponsort 2 Tribünen und druckt den "Celtic View", aber egal) aus dem Stadion verbannen:


      James Forrest schrieb:

      Another day, another reason to ban The Daily Record from Celtic Park.
      Another day, another article in this long line of them, ignorant people
      writing ignorant trash about the Boys Club abuse scandal.
      Today it’s the turn of Keith Jackson, a guy who barely understands the sport he’s supposed to cover.

      Today, he thinks he can pontificate on subject’s way bigger and more
      complex than anything his brain has tried to handle before. He is not
      the first person at his newspaper to dip a toe into these murky waters.
      When Celtic starts banning people for it he might well be the last
      The club seems reluctant. I really do not understand why.

      Even the headline today is a shocker; “The Ghost That Haunts Celtic’s Quest For Ten In A Row.”
      If you’re sitting thinking “what does this have to do with ten in a
      row?” you are not alone. But as I said, these people can’t stop their
      actual agenda from seeping through their faux concern about victims and
      justice and everything else. This is about Celtic.

      If you were wondering how low the media and others were prepared to go
      to degrade our steady march towards a new Scottish record, then this is
      it. This is the new way of trying to taint our getting this far. “Celtic
      must confront the past before they can contemplate the future,” the
      sub-headline reads. How the media and our rivals would love that, if our
      club locked itself into destruct mode and spent the summer

      Let’s be clear; there is nothing whatsoever in Jackson’s article which
      hasn’t been said a hundred times by a hundred different people. If
      you’re looking for an original thought, you won’t find it here.
      “There comes a point when sound legal advice and solid business practice
      must give way to a sense of duty and moral obligation,” he says, which
      is the same old garbage that’s been trotted out over and over and over
      And I repeat what I have before; there are legal processes going on here that take precedence.
      It’s all very well and good for snipers on the side-lines and idiots who
      don’t understand this issue to talk about the law not being important
      here, but Celtic is obliged to follow it nonetheless. It is all well and
      good for him and others to demand that Celtic make moral amends, but
      I’m afraid Lawwell couldn’t do it even if he wanted to.
      Whether Jackson likes it or not, “sound legal advice and solid business
      practice” are not just words; they are the club’s legal responsibility
      towards its shareholders. All this hollering about our moral
      responsibility is hilarious coming from people who have never cared
      about such things within the sport itself.
      This is reeking hypocrisy and Celtic are right to resist it.
      But most of all, we are right to resist the contention that our club is
      not a moral institution. They are right to resist the contention that
      Celtic is somehow behaving reprehensibly in that it is following the law
      exactly and done more behind the scenes than the media either knows or
      would like to admit. It is frankly offensive for people who don’t have
      the first clue how far Celtic has gone here to take shots at us like
      this, content in their ignorance and pursuing their agendas.
      Here’s the part of the article that should see Jackson’s paper banned
      from Celtic Park forevermore; you could be forgiven for wondering if
      this had come from a dredge of the sewers at Follow Follow or the other
      more notorious Ibrox fan-sites.
      “(Ever) since the recent spate of criminal convictions began totting up –
      a list of predators with links either to Celtic FC or to the Boys’ Club
      which, on the surface at least, points to something a great deal more
      sinister than just one rotten apple getting in through the door …”
      Read that again. This is Jackson pushing the darkest of all conspiracy
      theories; that a paedophile ring operated from inside Celtic Park
      There is exactly zero evidence to support such a fantastical, and
      libellous, contention. It is a disgusting, and even dangerous, thing to
      be promoting in a national newspaper, an attempt to toxify the club with
      He then suggests that we should be “apologising to the victims and their
      families and accepting retrospective responsibility for their
      collective pain.”
      Oh really? I can tell you right now that there is no way that this
      Celtic board will, or should, accept any “retrospective responsibility”
      for any of this. Why should they? Not a single member of the current
      board was involved in the club during the timeframe covered by these
      dark events. It’s almost as if he doesn’t fully comprehend the gravity
      of what he’s writing and so blithely suggesting that we do; that is a
      monumental admission of guilt where there is none.
      “Anything less – any attempt to legally dance around the issue – would
      be a scandal in itself and completely unbecoming of an institution of
      such pride and national importance,” he writers. Which is the closest
      anyone will come to saying what is surely on a lot of their minds; it
      does not matter if Celtic was involved in this or not, they have to pay
      There is no legal “dancing around the issue”, there is either
      responsibility or there is not. I love the way so many people on the
      other side of this are so cavalier about throwing the law aside here.
      Their disregard for the legal position of the club is staggering, it
      really is.
      There are two mentions of money in the article, and I’m going to get to
      the second of them in a moment, but first Jackson attempts to deputise
      Neil Lennon into his assault on our club, by dredging up events at Crewe
      whilst our manager was there. I mean, it is absolutely and utterly
      This is the crucial line, and one that should have Lennon fuming.
      “Having personally witnessed this level of distress, Lennon will be keen
      for Celtic to act swiftly and correctly where their own victims are
      Apart from the disgraceful suggestion that these are “our victims” it is
      deplorable to suggest that Lennon is on his side of this without any
      evidence to match that view.
      But it’s here, having warmed up, that Jackson gets to the real point,
      and the real point of all this pressure, and again, in ignorance of the
      legal facts.
      “If (Lennon’s) spending power or wage budget is to be affected by the
      cost of cleaning up Celtic’s historic mess, then so-be-it. But he needs
      to be given a clear view of it in advance in order to put his own plans
      in place.”
      It makes you despair, it really does, when you read a national
      journalist so concerned with the victims of historic abuse cases that he
      is positively salivating over the prospect of it costing Neil Lennon
      transfer funds. The agenda is right here on full display.
      For the record, and I’m sorry to once again bring the law into this,
      Celtic publishes accounts every single year and those accounts are fully
      audited and signed off by a legal team and a top firm of bean counters,
      and every single year the club has a legal responsibility to publish in
      those accounts any “contingent liabilities.”
      Contingent liabilities are legally defined as “possible obligations
      whose existence will be confirmed by uncertain future events that are
      not wholly within the control of the entity … Disclose the existence of a
      contingent liability in the notes accompanying the financial statements
      if the liability is reasonably possible but not probable, or if the
      liability is probable, but you cannot estimate the amount.”
      Celtic has never once included such a thing in the annual accounts, and
      so Neil Lennon already has “a clear view of it in advance” and so does
      everyone else at the club. Whatever else the money we have sitting in
      the bank is for, it’s not for this.
      Do you notice that nowhere in Jackson’s article is there any reference
      to the club conducting its own two-year investigation into all this? Of
      course you don’t, because that would ruin the point of the article,
      which is that we’ve tried to duck this issue when, in fact, that could
      not be further from the truth.
      I said at the weekend that some people owe us an apology.
      It’s clear we’re not going to get it.
      Celtic’s inquiry into all this has pulled the rug from under them but still our enemies carry on.
      Before it’s even reported back, some in the media have already dismissed
      it as a cover-up. As I keep on saying, nothing we do will satisfy some
      folk because the only thing they do care about is seeing Celtic Park
      shuttered and closed for good.
      Jackson wants a “full independent inquiry” into all this, and if you’re
      laughing at his utter brass neck then you’re not alone. When our club
      wanted an inquiry into things more relevant to Jackson’s actual job
      title, he was talking about how such things are a waste of time and
      But of course, that wasn’t Celtic’s time. That wasn’t Celtic’s money.
      This particular avenue of attack is juicy because they can use it to
      distract us, to put us on the back foot, to devalue our current status
      as the biggest club in the country and, of course, in their idealised
      scenario, to get as much money out of us as they can.
      There is no low they won’t stoop to, and no weapon they won’t use.
      Remember that.
      It’s going to be a long summer.


      Was schrieb ein FF so treffend:

      The guy is a child rape apologist. Nothing more, nothing less.
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • Eigentlich ...


      ... denn:

      Wonder if PS have interviewed John Hughes re McCafferty’s newspaper comments recently when he inferred some dodgy actions with young players

      McCafferty should certainly be asked under caution as to what he means re Hughes actions

      The police over the years have been negligent in allowing abusers away with crimes when there is loads of witnesses telling newspapers about incidents re CBC and CFC

      - Gerry McSherry 14 man suspect list given to police in 1995/1996

      - Hugh Birt interview in Daily Record in 1990’s asking Kelly and McGinn to act against Torbett

      - The New Jersey expose in the Daily Record in 1990’s

      - Books by Andy Ritchie, Macari Brady etc when they talked about dodgy events at CBC CFC

      - 1986 article in the Celtic View stating the CFC board had investigated the scurrilous rumours re Torbett and Cairney and allowed the abuse to continue for another decade

      - Lawrence Haggart a CBC player murdered and McCafferty calling the Haggart house the day he was killed

      - The CBC scout who was reported in 1990’s and again in 2015 and an arrest warrant is issued and the alledged abuser is still at large

      This list in itself should be grounds for a public inquiry into Police in Scotland given the clues and witnesses and the time it’s taken to get some of the abusers into jail

      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • CROWN BUNGLE Police Scotland probe blunder which saw nine Celtic fans accused of hanging Rangers sex doll effigies walk free

      COPS are probing the blunder which saw nine Celtic fans accused of hanging Rangers sex doll effigies walk free.
      An investigation was launched after prosecutors lost photo and video evidence covering the Old Firm showdown at Parkhead.
      Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC revealed the move in a letter to Tory MSP Murdo Fraser.
      He wrote: “The circumstances which led to the loss of the productions in this case require to be fully investigated.

      “The police have been asked to carry out that investigation.”
      The stunt featured two dummies strung up wearing a Gers scarf and Orange Order sash.
      Nine supporters were due to stand trial over the September 2016 incident. Mr Fraser welcomed the probe.
      He said: “The failure to bring this to court has been a disgrace. Evidence like this doesn’t simply go missing.”

      Police Scotland said inquiries were “ongoing”.
      The Crown Office added it was “regrettable” the case had been scrapped.

      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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