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    • Zum Glück seid ihr beide keine Experten! Brown setzt das Tackling, wie immer (!), absolut perfekt!!!!! Es ist doch nicht seine Schuld das der Hibs Spieler zu langsam ist! Es ist eine bodenlose Frechheit das Scotty maus dafür eine gelbe Karte dafür bekommt!!! Der Schiri dürfte bei mir kein einziges Spiel von Celtic mehr Pfeifen. Der ist doch genauso voreingenommen wie ihr zwei!!!! Typisch Rangers, wie immer mit zweierlei Maß messen wollen!

      Hello hello, how do you do, we are the boy's in royal blue. We Love our Team, god save the Queen, we are the Billy Boys!

    • STV schrieb:

      Whistleblower accuses Celtic of failing sex abuse victims

      STV an hour ago

      Gerry McSherry first raised concerns about young players being targeted in the mid 90s.

      y Russell Findlay
      A whistleblower who exposed sexual abuse at Celtic Boys Club more than 20 years ago has accused Celtic FC of failing the victims.
      Gerry McSherry first raised concerns about paedophiles targeting young footballers in the mid 1990s.
      Now - following the convictions of three men - McSherry has called on Celtic chiefs to take responsibility.
      The club maintains it was an "entirely separate organisation" from the boys club despite evidence of close connections between them.
      McSherry, 66, said: "Celtic's position today is appalling. They should act in the moral sense.
      "Forget the legal niceties - act morally and do justice for the weans that grew up and played for them.
      "Celtic was founded on charity and they say 'oh it's nothing to do with us, two separate entities' ... my backside.
      "They are avoiding their responsibilities here at the expense of the victims. It's the victims who matter."
      Celtic fan McSherry first learned of the abuse from the club's official photographer Hugh Birt.
      Birt quit as chairman of the boys' club in the mid 1980s and gave evidence in the first trial of its manager Jim Torbett in 1998. Torbett was jailed for 30 months.
      Up until his death in 2013, Birt remained bitter at how the abuse was "covered up".

      Last week, boys' club coach Frank Cairney, 82, was found guilty of ten abuse charges at Hamilton Sheriff Court - having been cleared of other charges in 1998.
      It follows the second conviction of Torbett, 71, in November, resulting in a six-year prison sentence.
      And former boys' club chairman and school teacher Gerald King, 65, will be sentenced in January after being found guilty of abusing boys and girls who he taught.
      McSherry said: "Celtic Football Club should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treated the victims of Cairney, Torbett and King.
      "But they should also be ashamed of the way they treated Hughie Birt. They isolated Hughie, ostracised him.
      "He was treated terribly by Celtic."
      A relative of Birth told STV News: "It is absolutely correct to say that Hugh felt let down and betrayed."
      When McSherry learned of the boys' club abuse, he personally confronted Torbett, King and Cairney and passed information to the police and media.

      He admits to throwing bricks through the windows of Torbett's former business premises.
      And he was fined £100 in 1997 for making menacing phone calls to Cairney and turning up at his home.
      He attempts to justify his law-breaking on the grounds that the criminal justice system failed in the 1990s.
      McSherry, of Cathkin, Glasgow, said: "The police never took it seriously until I started papping bricks through windows.
      "I can't arrest or charge them, put them on trial, get the verdict and jail them. I can't do that.
      "All I can do is to get the attention of the police to take it up seriously so that they can nail and jail the beasts."
      Police Scotland launched a full-scale investigation last year after the emergence of widespread historic sexual abuse of young footballers across the UK.
      McSherry believes that Cairney and King should have been brought to justice years earlier - and warned that others have still not been caught.
      He said: "I gave the police the names. 14 names, not two names.

      "I gave them the names in 1995 and 1996. They only arrested Torbett and Cairney at the time.
      "Clearly, serious questions need to be asked of the police."
      He believes that both he and Birt were smeared for speaking out and admits that doing so took a huge toll on his personal life and "still does".
      He added: "Hughie was totally discredited. So was I. I'm just a daft b******. 'Oh him, he's just a headcase'.
      "That's what was going about. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest.
      "It's not about me or Hughie being vindicated. It's about the weans, about them being vindicated.
      "These beasts stole their childhood. And it takes them 20, 30 years before they say, 'wait a minute, it wasn't my fault'.
      "But that's what they do, put the blame on the weans and they then live with that.
      "You're football career is at an end if you talk about what happened. If you mention anything to do with this, your career is finished.
      "Telling that to a ten-year-old, terrifies them into submission so they've got total control over that wean's childhood."
      Police Scotland say their investigation identified 153 victims of child sexual abuse in Scottish football, resulting in 13 arrests.

      Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Taylor said: "Most of the individuals arrested and charged for abuse as a result of that investigation, including Cairney, have now been convicted and sentenced.
      "Cairney was a predator who carried out his abuse over decades, using his position of power to target his victims and to ensure that they kept quiet.
      "Although reports were previously investigated by legacy forces, our proactive investigation revealed the extent of his abuse and gave a voice to his victims.
      "He is now facing the consequences of his actions and I hope his victims will finally feel vindicated.
      "We appreciate how difficult it can be to report abuse. We want to thank everyone who came forward and reported, we understand the courage it took and how difficult this must have been.
      "Our assurance to anyone who has not felt able to report during this time, is that if they wish to report in the future - we will listen; we will investigate regardless of where or when the abuse occurred, and we will take prompt action to ensure that no-one else is at risk of harm.‎"
      A spokesman for Celtic FC declined to comment.

      Und mehr zum Thema ...

      Celtic Boys Club abuse survivors threaten legal action
      Thompsons Solicitors is representing ten men who were abused while playing for the Celtic Boys Club. In a statement, the lawyers said the time has come for Celtic to "live up to its moral responsibilities". The move comes following the conviction of Celtic Boys Club founder Jim Torbett on Monday.


      Former Celtic Boys chairman sexually abused five children
      A former Celtic Boys' Club chairman sexually abused four boys and a girl while he was employed as a teacher. Gerald King, 66, taught and coached football at a primary school in the north of Glasgow during the 1980s. His conviction comes only weeks after Celtic Boys' Club founder Jim Torbett was jailed for a second time for abusing three boys.


      Former Celtic Boys Club manager Frank Cairney guilty of abuse
      Jurors took just two hours on Friday to return the damning verdict against Frank Cairney, 83, after a trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court. Cairney was found guilty of nine charges of molesting young boys at football clubs he ran between 1965 and 1986.


      Celtic express 'deep regret' over Jim Torbett sex abuse
      Jim Torbett had denied abusing two former youth players and another boy between 1986 and 1994. But the 71-year-old was convicted at the High Court in Glasgow on Monday and jailed for six years. He was also placed on the sex offenders' register indefinitely.


      ""Although Celtic Football Club is an entirely separate organisation, we have always taken these allegations extremely seriously because of our historic contacts with Celtic Boys' Club."

      Eigentlich war Celtic hier das Opfer ... keine Sorge, die bekommen das locker so hin.

      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • Schiri Beaton und Familie wird Opfer von Telefon- und Internetterror, nicht zuletzt nachdem Mhedien und ein Celtic FC - Statement jeden Anstand dahinschwinden lässt.

      Aber statt irgendw einsicht zu zeigen, holen wir die Opferkelle raus. Wie so oft, nein, eigentlich wie immer. Siehe ja auch beim Vollpfosten Griffiths. Heute darf Sutton mal ran ...

      Daily Record schrieb:

      Chris Sutton death threat shock as Celtic legend to meet cops over chilling message

      It's understood police are treating the sinister message sent to The Daily Record columnist seriously.

      Keith Jackson
      Keith McLeod
      04:30, 7 JAN 2019

      Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton is expected to meet police today after he received a death threat.
      The sinister message was sent to Sutton last week in the wake of the Rangers versus Celtic match at Ibrox and it is understood officers are treating it seriously.
      The 45-year-old – one of the game’s most outspoken pundits and a Record Sport columnist – confirmed last night: “I don’t want to go into any detail as this is a private matter and it is now in the hands of the police.
      “Suffice to say, I have seen what’s been sent and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant thing to receive.”
      It is understood Sutton has reported the threat to police near his home in England.

      The revelation follows death threats made to match referee John Beaton in the wake of Rangers’ 1-0 victory on December 29.

      Beaton had to be given a guard as he arrived at Somerset Park in Ayr on Saturday to referee the Championship match between Ayr United and Falkirk.
      It is believed the threat was made to Sutton after the match but before he penned a ­controversial column in the Record.
      He was scathing about the SFA’s failure to take retrospective action against Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos, who was involved in three incidents during the game where he appeared to lash out off the ball.
      The SFA took no retrospective action when it emerged Beaton had witnessed them all.
      In his Record column, Sutton claimed the SFA’s decision not to take disciplinary action against Morelos for his derby antics looked “like a stitch up”.
      He said: “If they had applied the rules correctly then El Buffalo would have been on the end of three separate red cards.”
      In his role as a pundit on BT Sport, Sutton branded the SFA decision as “shambolic” and “buffoonery of the highest order”.
      The threats to figures within the game follow concerns at a rise in thuggish behaviour at matches, with coin-throwing, pyrotechnics and even racist incidents on the increase.

      The threats come as Scottish football enjoys one of its most exciting seasons, with just a handful of points separating the top six teams in the SPFL top flight.
      Sutton is noted – even in the opinionated world of football pundits – for his outspoken views.
      In August 2017, he mocked an “anti-Rangers refereeing” petition.
      Thousands of Rangers supporters rallied together online calling for the SFA to take action against match officials following Beaton’s ­performance at Ibrox in a home defeat to Hibs – ironically the same referee now in the firing line from Celtic fans over the Ibrox match.
      Beaton controversially ordered Ryan Jack off after the midfielder clashed with Anthony Stokes during the match.
      But while Sutton agreed Jack should not have been shown red, the Celtic legend ­ridiculed the Twitter campaign by punters.
      He wrote: “Ryan Jack red card was an awful decision. But the petition for anti-Rangers refereeing? There’ll be one for Neil Lennon cheering a goal next.”
      Sutton also tweeted support for the Hibs boss after a coin was chucked at him from the crowd at Hearts’ Tynecastle Park last October.
      Sutton said: “On the Neil Lennon incident tonight… How can Neil Lennon be to blame for somebody throwing a coin at him? It’s a ridiculous notion.”

      The threat to Sutton follows a long list of death threats being levelled at players, managers and referees.
      Following the result at Ibrox, Beaton’s contact details were leaked online.
      Trolls have since bombarded the official with threatening and abusive messages. A police spokesman said: “We can confirm that a complaint has been made to police regarding texts and calls received by a 36-year-old man.
      “Police inquiries are ongoing into this matter.”
      Following the threats to Beaton, SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell said in a statement: “It is with deep dismay that, in the last 24 hours, we learned of one of our match ­officials having had threats made against him and his family.
      “We are in close contact with those involved and with Police Scotland to ensure they are safe and that those responsible are identified and held accountable for their actions.
      “This is not the first time in recent weeks that our match officials have been targeted.
      “Another referee was allegedly threatened and assaulted at a lower-league game prior to Christmas. These incidents are isolated but they are unacceptable and extremely concerning when they occur.”
      In November 2017, a Rangers supporter who threatened to kill Lennon in a ­Facebook post was spared jail. Sean Cowan, 54, asked fellow fans for a gun so he could “shoot” the Hibs boss in the head.

      Cowan was incensed after the former Celtic star cupped his ears in celebration during a Scottish Premiership match at Ibrox. He posted the remarks on August 12, after Hibs’ 3-2 victory.
      And in November, graffiti saying “hang Neil Lennon” was daubed on a wall near Tynecastle Park.
      In 2011, a sectarian mob hanged an effigy of Lennon in his native Northern Ireland. Sutton was acclaimed as a Celtic hardman but says that he could not have withstood the bullets and bomb scares faced by Lennon.
      In 2011, Sutton said: “I don’t know how he put up with the stuff last season and I think that had an effect on where the title went.
      “I can honestly say that if that was me, then I’d have been gone. I don’t know anyone else who would have stayed.
      “Anyone else would have walked away from it all. It says a lot about his character. The stuff last season was ridiculous.”
      Ex-Rangers star Fernando Ricksen, now bravely battling motor neurone disease, also previously revealed, in 2010, how he was targeted.
      He said: “I’ve had hate letters sent to me with bullets in them. I’d messages telling me bullets were sent to the IRA so they could kill me.

      “People phoned my son threatening to sort him out and beat him up at school. Supporters have physically and verbally threatened me on the field. My wife was abused in the street by them, they spat in my face while we were out shopping.”
      Nacho Novo received death threats in 2008 as a Rangers player months after helping the Ibrox club to the UEFA Cup final. He needed his home guarded.
      And after joining Irish League club Glentoran in 2017, Novo was again targeted. The threats were said to come from dissident Republicans.
      Novo said: “Hearing the news about the threat was hard because you would not want that to happen to anyone but I got lots of support and that was important to me.
      “The support came from everywhere and I appreciated it, because what happened to me was nothing to do with football.”
      In 2010, then rookie referee Willie Collum received death threats after Rangers won 3-1 at Celtic Park.
      And when Rangers won the league at the same venue in 1999, referee Hugh Dallas was struck by a coin from the crowd, then had the windows at his home smashed by thugs and received death threats.
      Sources say Sutton will meet officers from Norfolk Constabulary to discuss the threat.


      Deren Opfermentalität misst man dieser Tage sicher in Astronomischen Einheiten.

      Kann schon Sutton sehen, jedes Mal wenn er in Glasgow auf der Straße läuft ...

      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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    • Womit die so wegkommen ...

      Community service for abusing 5 weans


      A former Celtic Boys’ Club chairman convicted of sexually abusing four boys and a girl while he was employed as a teacher has been spared jail.

      Gerald King, 66, taught and coached football at a primary school in the north of Glasgow during the 1980s.

      One man, now 43 years old, shared how King exposed himself to him when he was getting changed before a football game and told prosecutor Adele Macdonald “I was really embarrassed and uncomfortable”.

      He told the jury: “I felt as though it was something I couldn’t escape from."

      King’s conviction last month came only weeks after Celtic Boys’ Club founder Jim Torbett was jailed for a second time for abusing three boys.

      A former manager of the boys’ club, Frank Cairney, 83, was found guilty the following week at Hamilton Sheriff Court of abusing teenagers between 1965 and 1986.

      After his trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court, King was convicted of five charges of using lewd and libidinous practises towards the five victims between August 1984 and April 1989.

      He was also found guilty of taking indecent pictures of children in February 1987.

      Today (Monday), shamed King - who was also a coach at Celtic boys’ club - was given a three-year probation order.

      Sheriff Johanna Johnston QC said: “You were convicted by the jury of a number of sexual offences involving school pupils, you were their teacher at the time.

      “The jury did however make a number of significant deletions to the charges.

      “The charges were are before me for sentence are serious in nature and involve a breach of the trust that both pupils are society place on school teachers.”

      He will be supervised throughout his time on the order and must carry out 240 hours unpaid work. King will also be on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

      King’s victims were between nine and 13 years old at the time.

      In evidence he admitted taking two pictures, one of four boys in a shower with no clothes on which was later printed in the school magazine with ‘censored’ over their private parts.

      He also said he took a second picture of one of the boys with no clothes on, but claimed both were entirely innocent.

      Sick King denied all of the charges he faced.

      Another victim, now 41, described King stripping off in front of him before a football game.

      Miss Macdonald asked: “How did you feel when you were standing there and he was in front of you in the same room naked?”

      He answered: “Embarrassed.

      Defence counsel Gavin Anderson said King lives “something of a solitary life” and that the deletions made by the jury were “material and significant”.

      He added that the offences were committed while King was a teacher and that he is now retired and deemed unsuitable to work with children.

      King also worked at Torbett’s company, the Trophy Centre, but previously denied being close to him.

      During Torbett’s trial he named King as one of the coaches at the boys’ club.

      The founder of the club was first put behind bars for two years in 1998 for abusing three former players.
      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

    • Neu

      Scott Brown sabbelt auf Twitter ein wenig ... findet sich natürlich auch alles im DR (oder auch nicht):

      JB‏ @Broony_8

      What is it with the rangers players acting like their gangsters when their out in town! Morelos and flannagan pulling trigger signs and threatening to shoot my fellow bouncers because their barred from our club! Then Kent who’s a fucking bam talking about guns and being a manc...

      Gæð a Wyrd swa hio scel!

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    • Neu

      Denen wird nie etwas passieren. Egal wie groß der pädophile Ring noch wird und wie klar auf der Hand liegt, dass es unter den Teppich gekehrt wurde, in Schottland passiert denen nichts. So erschreckend und widerwärtig das auch ist.

      Sicher, wie man an Penn State in den USA sieht, wäre das dort eine andere Hausnummer. Aber ich glaube nicht, dass da jemand wirklich durchzieht.

      Celtic knew about abuse, claims boys club coach victim
      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:

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