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    • Celtic KnewCo - Fields of Shame

      Hilarious attack on VB by Hoopy horrors
      Written by OpportunityKnox
      Thursday, 09 April 2009

      The Admin and writers at Vanguard Towers had a good guffaw this morning at
      a ridiculously vicious attack on our website by the powers that be at
      Celtic fan site etims.com. It appears that our recent run of hard
      hitting articles has hit something of a raw nerve to those of a certain
      viewpoint who carry a phobia about the truth.
      It must irk those who fear Rangers fans and the Unionist community from
      having a voice, and being able to articulate it in a manner, which
      upsets those who seek to suppress truth. As a piece of black propaganda
      it clearly falls short of the general requirement, to convert neutrals
      to believe a certain viewpoint.

      Like many enemies of our culture, the propaganda
      against our site, and the wider Rangers community is filled with lies,
      revisionism, mistruths, and the odd misquote. The article starts with
      some pseudo-intellectual waffle about the power of the internet, loaded
      with the intellectual superiority complex that some of the extreme
      Republican apologists have learned ever so well from the An Phoblacht
      guide to propaganda, and used on a regular basis by Norman Spiers,
      amongst others in the Scottish media.
      As we dip further in to the article, the humour remains, but becomes a somewhat
      transparent veil covering the underlying hatred for what this site is
      achieving on a daily basis. Well, on behalf of the site, I’d like to
      thank Etims for confirming that we are indeed getting under the skin of
      those who despise free speech and debate.

      To go back to the article, it goes on;

      “Think about it, had it not been for the Internet the likes of the Rangers Supporters Trust would have remained grumbling in the Boyne Water Gentleman’s Club far from the public’s hysterical gaze, we at the E-tims would have remained in dead end jobs in the sex trade (although
      Hector was getting a little bit on the heavy side for the table
      dancing), and the likes of the contributors to Vanguard Bear would
      be...well I dunno...possibly hidden in a secret bunker in the middle of
      the Campsies, all dressed in camouflage army surplus, fondling air
      rifles and laying survival plans for the day Proud Britannia was
      overrun by the Communistic-Fenian hordes of the godless undermensch”

      Lovely, isn’t it?

      I have to laugh when I see those pseudo-intellectuals showing off their
      knowledge of foreign languages, while attempting to relate you to
      Hitler’s regime wiping out what he saw as sub-human. Particularly
      interesting is the use of the term “Communistic-Fenian”. We have to
      presume that they are using the “fenian” term in some up to date
      context that they’ve invented themselves, as the Fenian movement itself
      had no such political affiliations.
      In fact, while the fenian movement as an official group was all but finished by the late 1880s, the Republican movement was unofficially recognised as the Fenian
      Movement for many decades, and the term became synonymous with all
      republican groups wishing Independence from Britain.

      They certainly couldn’t be referring to Republican “hero” Sean South, who
      had his foot firmly in the far right camp, with his membership of extreme Fascist group Maria Duce.

      The article continues with this little gem;

      “Let's start with the name of the site, "Vanguard Bears", it does sound a
      little right-wing iffy like the racist white supremacist website
      Vanguard News Network. The site name is hardly an unfortunate
      coincidence, it's a rather crude attempt to infer a connection between
      intolerant mindsets, and is one of the weakest aspects of this
      satirical product.”

      You can guess the continuing theme here of right-wing association, laughable as it is.
      Truth is that the Vanguard Bears name came from more humble origins. We
      pride ourselves on being a site that does “what it says on the tin”;
      namely, being at the vanguard (or forefront) of the fight to defend our
      club from our enemies. It’s fairly straightforward, even for the
      conspiracy theorists at etims.
      Further merriment arose at Vanguard over this piece of sheer fantasy.

      “It would be a crying shame if anyone were to belittle the rest of this
      truly gifted site by dwelling on the rather tasteless linkage to
      dubious sites of a similar name”

      A quick google on “vanguard” returns on its first page nothing remotely
      dubious, unless you are offended by Playstation games, or healthcare
      companies. Our own links page you’ll find a few Rangers sites, and
      some Ulster Scots sites.
      Further evidence that the mask of intellectual superiority is somewhat
      misplaced was to be found in this incoherent waffle about Blue Tumai’s

      “How for example could anyone read the following statement and not feel deeply relieved that the spirit of Bill Hicks’ cutting satire was alive and well: “So 15,000
      guys getting pissed, singing anti-English songs and sh*gging hookers is
      to be boasted about? Can you see why I’m embarrassed? Our country
      promote these idiots and what an example to any children reading.
      Replace the ’cowards’ [Tartan Army] with Rangers fans and what would
      the media slant be? The ‘cowards’ were amongst our biggest critics
      after we left litter in Barcelona yet our behaviour was nowhere near as
      bad, plus we had no arrests unlike the 7 Scotland fans arrested in

      Referencing Bill Hicks was the cause of even more mirth at Vanguard towers, given that the genius comedian was one of the biggest vocal critics of the Catholic

      “I'm sorry if any of you are catholic.
      I'm not sorry if you're offended, I'm actually just sorry by the fact
      that you're catholic."

      “If child molestation is actually your concern, how come we don't see Bradley tanks knocking down Catholic churches?”

      I digress.

      The paragraph is intended to question why Blue Tumai would have the
      temerity to point out how the Tartan Army’s behaviour, is feted by the
      Scottish Media, while there was much mock anger over Rangers fans
      leaving some litter in Barcelona.

      Clearly those at etims do not like comparisons, and usage of facts when defending the
      reputation of the Rangers support. Funny thing is, of all the
      comparisons to use, BT actually let TGFITW off very lightly, as his
      comparison was only with the media representation of the Tartan Army.
      If he were actually to use comparisons to the Celtic travelling support
      in either of the cities in his comparison, it would highlight an even
      starker difference.

      Amsterdam? Celtic’s fun loving hordes last visited in 2003, where one Celtic supporting
      gangster was shot by another, just hours before the shell suited
      degenerates ran amok outside the Amsterdam Arena.

      Barcelona? While 20,000 bears turned up, with no fanzone laid on, and no arrests,
      only to face negative headlines about litter on their return. When 6000
      hooped hordes turned up, they returned to be told by the Barcelona
      mayor they were the best travelling support in the world, while two
      were arrested for serious assault (with one since jailed), and another
      60 received cautions for minor offences.

      While still on the subject of Barcelona, the author has clearly got in to some rhythm here, and goes on:

      “After all, if ‘leaving a bit of litter’ is a euphemism for turning the city
      centre into an overflowing latrine (something of a Rangers supporter
      hallmark) then yes, that’s all that happened. The Spanish newspaper El
      Mundo Deportivo clearly failed to understand the cultural differences
      when it bawled: "[To Rangers supporters] Stay and vomit in your own
      home, urinate in the corner of your own sitting room, fight with your
      own neighbours Celtic (who deserve a medal for putting up with you) and
      foul the streets of Glasgow. Don't come back to Barcelona, you're an
      embarrassment. And while we're at it, don't play in the Champions
      League. You're not up to scratch, either on a sporting or human level.
      There are noisy supports who, even though they drink large quantities
      of beer, make friends. Not you lot, because you turn everywhere you go
      into dumps. You are undesirables."”

      Notably, he fails to mention that the author of that piece was the Spanish
      partner of the “Celtic Minded” website owner. Nor does he mention the
      Celtic fans arrested in Barcelona, nor does he mention the small matter
      of Celtic fans defacing the heart of Milan on a previous trip abroad.
      Yes, the amnesiac tendency of your average hate filled apologist across the
      city is back. Not that it ever went away. They just forgot about it…
      You really have to read the following to get the measure of just how
      much our website is infuriating these people.

      “Vanguard Bear really is an amazing site though, its parody of the lunatic fringe
      of the Rangers support (the ones the RST won’t pass the port to) is
      awe-inspiring, however it has to be said that perhaps they’ve overdone
      it a little bit. Viewing the list of articles on the main page for
      example we find: “Scum Trust”, “Media Scum”, “Rangers Hating Scum”,
      "Pavement Crack Walking Scum" (ah ok I made that one up) and a whole
      litany of the most vociferous, ill-informed, cerebrally-challenged,
      foaming-mouth raving to have burst onto the public domain since Rupert
      Murdoch bought The Sun.”

      Without asking our readers to go to the links page to see all our articles (there are 48
      in all), they are indeed correct, about the 3 articles mentioned. If
      you happen to read these articles, what you will find will more than
      justify the article titles, namely:

      Scum Trust – An opinion piece on a particularly outspoken Celtic Supporters
      Trust representative, shortly after the person in question defended the
      Celtic Support’s right to sing in support of the Provisional IRA. Why
      beat about the bush when talking about the support of bigot murderers?

      Rangers Hating Scum – Voicing the widely held opinion (apparently shared by
      etims) that the Sun newspaper is written by scum, in printing 18 pages
      of nonsense about Barry Ferguson & Allan McGregor, where Willhelm
      puts it in the context of that week’s more important topics, both in
      Scotland, and across the globe. I’m sure the irony of the comparison of
      our site, to the very newspaper we were attacking is not lost on you.

      Media Scum – Voicing the opinion that sections of the Media in Scotland are
      scum for their vendetta against the Rangers support. Ably assisted by
      some facts, it clearly irks etims, and so it should.
      It get’s funnier. As the writer gets in to rant mode (about rants) he goes on:

      "Article after article is crammed full of side-splitting paranoia that rages
      this way and that, often contradicting itself (such as articles
      claiming sectarianism doesn’t’ exist while another refers to “Taigs
      with Typewriters), but still manages to spray out a stream of incensed
      fury at the whole spectrum of Scottish society that is deemed to be
      engaged in a brutal oppression of Rangers traditions (hating Catholics)
      and culture (pissing in the street).

      Whether it’s politicians (everyone except David "Expenses Scandal" McLetchie),
      the SFA, the SPL, the Tartan Army (“cowards” apparently), the media
      (yes the whole lot.. oh except David Leggat ex of the Sunday People),
      the Establishment, David Murray, The Universe, everyone is engaged in a
      Hidden Agenda; no doubt part of the gloriously amusing Cowardly Hand of
      Hidden Forces (or something like that), so cherished by their fellow
      paranoiacs over at the RST".

      A little exaggeration goes a long long way, and it’s a fair attempt, I’ll grant
      them, however, while opinion is at the heart of much of Vanguard’s
      output, we have a core philosophy of providing facts in our articles.
      This, and the fact we actually raise these issues, is clearly what
      incenses the writer.

      The lies continue…

      “Rarely does football get a look in and quite rightly for that would blow the
      whole satire, but even when it does the inspired minds at Vanguard Bear
      can pull it off with aplomb. In one article, Bluenose Campbell’s
      Memories (pt 3), we have an tremendous parody of Rangers conspiracy
      theorists with a tale of how Alex Ferguson tipped of Jock Stein
      regarding Davie White’s game plan for the 1969 Scottish Cup Final
      (which Celtic won 4-0, the cheats!). Further on in the same article
      Rangers’ Cup Winners Cup triumph in Barcelona is mentioned without any
      reference at all to the resulting scenes with saw Rangers disgraced in
      Europe and their own support famously lambasted as “tikes, hooligans,
      louts and drunkards” by the then manager Wille Waddell. You won’t find
      any better historical airbrushing from any genuine Rangers site out

      From a Celtic site with countless articles solely about Rangers one has to laugh. Our site’s content is primarily football, primarily Rangers, and is in the process
      of being the only Rangers site to show a collection of Rangers
      memorabilia unrivalled in the world.

      Barcelona is well documented, but you have to laugh. Seriously, we all know that the
      Rangers fans fought back against Franco’s Fascist Police in 1972, but,
      in all honesty, a Rangers fan’s account of their times following the
      club including it is about as likely as having the writer on etims
      boast about the Celtic fans’ propensity to find themselves in trouble
      everywhere they travel. Their account would be twelve times as long
      too, and they’d run out of bandspace.

      If you want to check out these two useful links, you could have enough reading for days on end about TGFITW.

      The continuing attack on Blue Tumai, sees the full invective of hatred come to the fore, with the writer in classic rant mode.

      “The Tartan Army we are told by BT is a “national embarrassment”, this
      supposedly coming from a Rangers supporter is comic genius! BT fumes
      that prior to the Italy game at Hampden there were “Thousands of guys
      so pissed they can’t walk, vomiting, urinating in the streets, exposing
      their bare bums and c**ks to any passer by that happens to look in
      their direction.” I had to double check that I wasn’t reading a report
      of the behaviour of Rangers supporters in Manchester (prior to the
      rioting), but that of course was the intent all along, at least I think
      it was. I say I think it was due to the fact that BT creates the
      impression that Manchester, like the aforementioned rioting in
      Barcelona, simply never happened. Denial being a noted feature of
      Rangers supporters when it comes to awkward dents in the Dignity
      Plaque, such as the insistance from some that there never was a
      sectarian signing policy at Ibrox, means this is just a marvellous
      piece of cutting comedy.”

      BT’s article has really got under the skin of this writer, and one can only assume
      that he has absolutely no knowledge that Rangers fans tend not to wear
      Kilts and flash their hosts on their travels. Oh, well, on with the

      “Elsewhere we have BT again burning
      with vengeful wrath over Rangers failure to defend their lovely
      supporters signing The Billy Boys, yes that loveable ditty celebrating
      wading through Catholic blood”

      Yes, it’s that old chestnut. I actually find it rather amusing, that people have
      gone to the lengths of contacting the Dictionary houses to demand that
      the definition of the word “fenian” be updated to mean Catholic,
      decades after a song was penned referencing the Fenian movement.
      You couldn’t make it up. Sadly, I didn’t.

      Trust me, if I were to continue picking holes in their article I’d be here
      all night. Frankly, I’ve not got the time or the inclination, so I’ve
      cherry picked the high (or low) lights of the rest.

      “Another article by one Bouncy, takes it even further by lambasting Murray for
      failing to publicly defend Donald Findlay, for singing The Billy Boys
      at a wine and cheese soirée with the Copland glitterati: "Murray should
      have been stronger, I say stronger, he never uttered a word did he, in
      defending HIS vice chairman from the mhedia hordes and MOPE backlash
      that happened." Of course Murray might have had a problem allowing his
      vice-chairman to remain for an offence they were, allegedly, banning
      supporters for but what the hell, it makes a good read anyway.”

      A nice little bit of opportunism now on Bouncy’s article. Sadly, Bouncy
      was incorrect, as I’m sure the writer knows too. Findlay was hounded
      out for singing “The Sash”, which has been proven in a court of law NOT
      to be sectarian. This is all the more reason that Murray should have
      defended Findlay.

      “I could go on, but trust me on this, never have I enjoyed a site more, not even the sadly defunct Losers.org - and that had me guffawing into the small hours
      each night. There isn't a wealth of material it has to be said, but
      what the site lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality.
      Whether it's confusing David Murray's alleged enforced resignation as
      club chairman by the club's main creditor after Rangers debt reached
      £75m with finding a fall guy to take the flak (McClelland), or being
      unable to fathom why someone explaining why Celtic supporters sing
      political songs isn't treated in the same manner as a club official
      bawling out a banned sectarian anthem, or even the simply outstandingly
      presented 'unintentional' hypocrisy of declaring that Celtic supporters
      have "a natural tendency to lie, deny and deflect", the level attained
      in this monument to satirical invention cannot be equalled. A

      Political Songs? Need I say more? In fact, I’ll let the reader judge.



      PS Thanks for the publicity.
      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • :( :( :shock2: horrible
      "1967 breakthrough for SNP.... and many other good things happened this year"

      In einem der wichtigsten Bücher der Terrorismusforschung, "Eine Geschichte des Terrorismus" schreibt Walter Laqueur über die Täter: "…selbsternannte Retter von Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit, ungeduldige Männer, Fanatiker und Verrückte, die sich vergebens auf das Recht zur Selbstverteidigung berufen und das Schwert […] als Heilmittel gegen alles echte oder eingebildete Böse betrachten."
    • Mich wundert immer wie so etwas stehen bleiben kann. :(

      Ich schmunzel immer bei meiner Song-Seite. Was wurde nicht alles unternommen, dass "Why don't you go home" nicht mehr frei verfügbar sein darf. Über Wochen haben sie den Anbieter belagert und der mich dann kontaktiert, dass man das Lied doch besser im geschlossenen Bereich anbieten sollte. Dass ich aber seit 2 Jahren wöchentlich heftigste Drohungen und Beleidigungen bekomme oder über Nacht 1.500 IRA Chants, Songs, Pics usw. draufgespielt werden, interessiert keine Sau. Das ist schon alles immer eine Einbahnstrasse.
      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • Celtic fans shame Scotland again
      Written by OpportunityKnox
      Monday, 20 April 2009

      I always find it rather odd when I read about Celtic’s “away” support, that the club’s apologists like to blame for their sectarian issue. The story has evolved over the years to become “fact”, and completely absolves Celtic supporters who only attend the Stydome of being sectarian in any way.

      The amount of times I have read from some apologist that Celtic have wiped out “the problem” at The Speedo Stadium (Full of divers), I’ve almost started to believe it myself. That’s how powerful a piece of propaganda this is. It is always very easy to fall in to the trap of believing that repetition of a lie makes it the truth.

      If you don’t attend Celtic games, and avoid their appearances on television (as I do) then you could also quite easily fall in to this trap. Fortunately, there are some eagle eyed Rangers supporters out there, who don’t switch the channel as soon as they are confronted by the ugliness on show at the scumhut.

      They deserve a medal for being able to stick it out. I couldn’t. I did have to watch some of Saturday’s match coverage, after a friend brought this clip of match day craic to my attention. In it, those fun loving craicsters let their guard slip with one particularly nauseating rendition of “Boys of the Old Brigade”, which, for the uninformed, is an ode to the IRA.

      It starts:

      “Oh, father why are you so sad
      On this bright Easter morn’
      When Irish men are proud and glad
      Of the land that they were born?
      Oh, son, I see in mem’ries few
      Of far off distant days
      When being just a lad like you
      I joined the IRA”

      Amongst other lyrics is this friendly little excerpt

      “For I recall my comrades all
      And dark old days gone by.
      I think of men who fought in glen
      With rifle and grenade.
      May heaven keep the men who sleep
      From the ranks of the old brigade.”

      You can see evidence of this for yourself here:


      You can see for yourself that this is not an away ground, it’s not a social club, and it’s not a small minority.
      It’s being sung at Celtic Park, and hundreds are singing it. Interestingly, the person responsible for posting the clip on Youtube is facing calls from fellow Celtic Supporters to remove the clip, presumably from some of the more astute supporters who are well aware that its existence explodes the myth of the fun loving innocent supporters who turn up at Torbett Towers every fortnight.

      The damage limitation exercise has started in earnest, and I fully expect that the original poster will remove the video, so witness it while you can. That said, the wonders of modern technology are such, that removal from youtube will not take this video out of circulation.

      One has to wonder, if all those celebrity Celtic supporters, councillors, MSPs, high ranking quango members, Business leaders and MPs who sit in the expensive seats behind the bank of cameras employed by Setanta have selective deafness, or are leading the singing?

      We should be told.

      Where are the words of condemnation from the Scottish Media, and Nil By Mouth?

      Will this instance of celebrating terrorism (or extremist ideological propaganda, as UEFA puts it) be in the SPL observer’s report?

      I won’t hold my breath on answers to these questions.

      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • :ohje: Die schämem sich für nichts.

      Celtic request split explanation

      Celtic will ask the Scottish Premier League to explain the scheduling of the five remaining fixtures of the season.

      Rangers play Hearts for a third time at Ibrox in addition to making their third trip of the campaign to face Hibs.

      Hearts and Hibs' fixtures need to be balanced to ensure they both play 19 games at home and away.

      However, Celtic are frustrated by the move, as Rangers will avoid a visit to play Hearts at Tynecastle, where they lost in November.

      The fixture anomaly could have been averted by scheduling Hearts to play play at Easter Road for the third time this season, but the SPL were keen to avoid switching the Edinburgh derby.

      Hearts have drawn against both sides of the Old Firm in recent weeks while Rangers won at Hibernian for the second time this season on Sunday.

      A Celtic spokesperson said: "Clearly we are quite surprised at the scheduling of matches and we have written to the SPL to get an understanding of their rationale.

      "However, as they always have, (manager) Gordon Strachan and the players will get on with it."

      The SPL issued a document explaining the rationale behind the scheduling of the post-split fixtures, saying the only way the issue could be avoided is if the same six teams had ended up in the top six as last season.

      Celtic will host Hearts on the final day of the season, 24 May, while Rangers will travel to Tannadice to face Dundee United.

      Meanwhile, Rangers manager Walter Smith admits his side are bracing themselves for a tough title run-in after their a narrow victory over Hibernian.

      Hibs secured a top-six slot courtesy of Motherwell's defeat to St Mirren and forced Rangers to grind out another hard-fought win.

      Smith believes life is going to get even tougher in the final five games of the campaign as Rangers try to supplant Celtic at the top of the table.

      "I think Sunday's game showed the difficulty we have," he said.

      "There will be some really tough games between now and the end of the season.

      "Hibs are the team who have qualified in sixth place and that was a really competitive game."

      In the bottom six, Hamilton will travel to Inverness for a third time while bottom club Falkirk face a third trip to Kilmarnock. All four clubs are currently embroiled in a relegation battle, along with St Mirren.

      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • The Green and White Heroes of Hypocrisy
      Written by Yellowcross
      Tuesday, 21 April 2009 11:10

      Today we relax with some poetry from Yellowcross pertaining to our beloved other halves from across the city. Perhaps some will pop in to have a read of this? Who knows, perhaps they wont, they might still be on their tour of Japan...

      Sporting Integrity Is The Greatest Luxury.

      The SPL these days
      can be so complex
      we don't make the time
      to stop and reflect

      I know from first hand experience
      the Tims can go delirious
      seriously it can be like that

      It's tough to win the league when you are honest
      It's even tougher when Celtic have no conscience
      their careerism, opportunism
      can turn SPL politics into cartoonism

      Let's open the green door and look inside
      Pull the file on their state of denial

      Sporting Integrity is the Greatest Luxury
      Raise the Double Standard

      Sporting Integrity is the Greatest Luxury
      Raise the Double Standard

      Sporting Integrity is the Greatest Luxury
      Raise the Double Standard

      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/h…/sport/article2386877.ece

      Was ist Celtic doch für ein verlogener und schäbiger Club. Jeden Tag, immer wieder. :shock2: Wenn man bedenkt, was da letztes Jahr alles abgelaufen ist, wie die Verbände ihnen den Arsch geleckt haben, vom Tode O'Donnells bis hin zu der Ansetzung unserer Spiele zum Schluss, alles hat Celtic mit den Verbänden durchgezogen. Aber jetzt kommt dieser heuchlerische Haufen wieder aus seinen Löchern gekrochen und spielen ihre Opferrolle. Dieser Club ist eine Schande für das ganze Land.

      Über was regen die sich eigentlich auf? Erst einmal ist es wichtig das am Ende alle 19 Heim- und 19 Auswärtsspiele haben. Das wäre jetzt der Fall. Wir spielen 3x Zuhause gegen Hearts. Ja, irgendetwas ist immer bei einer ungraden Zahl nach dem Split. Wir spielen ja auch 3x auswärts bei Hibernian. Und am letzten Spieltag beim Old Firm-Schreck schlechthin auswärts. Dundee. Wird natürlich nicht erwähnt.

      Celtic genießt in Schottland völlige Narrenfreiheit. Oder hat jemand etwas von den IRA-Gesängen gegen Aberdeen im Piggery gelesen? Nein, natürlich nicht. Aber anstand das alles zu genießen, besitzen die gar noch die Frechheit sich in Momenten als Opfer hinzustellen, in denen nun wirklich nichts ist. Die fühlen sich schon als Opfer wenn sie nicht bevorzugt werden. So weit sind wir mittlerweile schon. Nach all dem was im letzten Jahr ab dem 02. Januar abgelaufen ist (für mich persönlich die größte Schande im Sport die ich je erlebt habe) eine Frechheit ohne Ende.
      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • Wie unterschiedlich es doch immer wieder und wieder gehandhabt wird. Umgekehrt und wir hätten die Überschrift "Rangers Fan in Sectarian Shocker". You know it's true. Aber so... :(

      Man admits Old Firm knife attack

      High Court in Glasgow
      The court heard that the victim, Mr Duncan, had tried to help his brother

      A Celtic supporter has admitted attacking a Rangers fan when a fight broke out in a Glasgow pub hours after an Old Firm match. Shaun Duffy stabbed Brian Duncan, who had come to the aid of his brother, in the Springcroft Bar and Diner in Baillieston last December. At the High Court in Glasgow he admitted assaulting Mr Duncan to the danger of his life. Judge Lord Woolman deferred sentencing until June for background reports.
      Duffy has a history of violence and was jailed for another knife attack in 1998. Mr Duncan was left badly injured and is still affected months after the bar attack. The court was told that the victim's brother, Colin, and his friends had gone to the pub on 27 December after watching Rangers lose at Ibrox earlier that day. Duffy and his group were also in the busy bar sitting nearby.

      Bar fight

      The court heard that the accused and Colin Duncan later became involved in a fight. Brian Duncan, who had been playing pool, saw what was happening and rushed to help his brother. The 37 year-old was pushed to the ground then Duffy pulled out a knife and stabbed him on the chest and neck. Simon Bowie, prosecuting, said Mr Duncan was unable to stand up after being attacked. Duffy, from Garthamlock, fled the scene as people attended to his victim.

      Keen footballer

      When police arrived, they found chairs and tables upturned in the bar and blood on the carpet. Mr Duncan lost two litres of blood on the way to hospital and had to be resuscitated. The court heard he has been left with a lack of feeling in his fingers and his lower legs. Mr Bowie said: "He was a keen footballer, but is unable to do that and does not now socialize." Tony Graham, defending, said his client accepted that prison was inevitable for the stabbing.

      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • Hätte es den Film "Denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun" nicht schon gegeben, er wäre ein guter Titel für eine Celt-Doku gewesen. Gestern Abend auf Radio Clyde:
      Frage eines Celts an Mark Guidi:

      Celt: "Why did you say that Rangers have got the title in their own hands???"
      Guidi: "Because if Rangers win their 5 games then they are Champions"
      Celt: "But Celtic can win their 5 games to make them Champions anyway"
      Guidi - "Well if they get beat by Rangers how can they win their 5 games??"

      10 Sekunden Stille in der Leitung... :ohje:
      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • Desmond: Celtic in Premier League within 10 years

      DUBLIN - Scottish champions Celtic could join the English Premier League within 10 years, one of the club's top shareholders said on Monday.

      "They will open up some time to us but I would think it could be in the next 10 years," Irish billionaire financier Dermot Desmond said, adding it was inevitable that the Scottish Premier League leaders would eventually compete against the bigger English clubs.

      Given the financial difficulties facing many Premier League teams, the idea of inviting Old Firm rivals Celtic and Rangers south to help generate more broadcasting revenue was again being discussed among clubs, British media reported last week.

      Desmond, ranked Ireland's fourth-richest man with a fortune of 1.6 billion euros in the Sunday Times newspaper's latest rich list, said the Glasgow club remained financially sound, unlike some top-flight English sides.

      "We have no debt. We are probably one of the most independent clubs in the whole of Great Britain and Ireland," Desmond said in an interview with local radio station Newstalk.

      "Ten or 11 clubs will go into administration. I would not be surprised if three or four go into administration in the Premiership," he added.

      Desmond also said clubs should also cap their spending to bolster their bottom line.
      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • Naja, wenn die EPL bis dahin aus Teams wie Leeds, Millwall usw. besteht und die IRA-Supporter alle 14 Tage schön das Fell über die Ohren gezogen bekommen... Doch, das hätte durchaus was. I)
      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc:
    • und die scumbags hätten dort in good old England sicherlich nix zu lachen und könnten ihre Messer mit Sicherheit einpacken,würden sie doch mal so richtig schön die Fäuste engl.Hools zu spüren bekommen,diese Ratten! :dance3:
    • Sellik FC - The cheap hooker
      Written by Blue Tumai
      Friday, 01 May 2009

      My busy schedule of late has left me unable to comment on a few events of recent weeks, the split, proposed move to the EPL and especially the laughable whoring of themselves once again by nonce F.C. The moral guardians of Irish football who grace us with their presence in our humble little league have really surpassed themselves of late; given their previous this takes some doing.

      I will try not to labour on some topics too long as Opportunity Knox and The Inside Right have written articles I would dearly love to claim as my own and ripped apart the myths and lies that nonce F.C and it’s fans scream with the conviction of their Nazi ancestors.

      I want to focus on the proposed move to the EPL and how I feel nonce F.C could score a massive own goal here. Let’s get their hypocrisy out of the way first, they hate everything English, British and Protestant but are lying with legs open like a cheap hooker on happy hour dying for someone to take them. It’s certain if the proposed move goes ahead they will encounter everything they hate in abundance from clubs down south.

      Such is the desperation to get there I think for once Liewell has been too busy telling everyone how nonce F.C is wanted to play all over the world (yawn, yawn, yawn) including England to see the dangers that lie ahead for his club.

      Would the London media ignore this scumbag behaviour, the way their Scottish counterparts do?

      Rangers fans know fine well how it works up here, the Mopes decide that something offends them and the media puppets do the masters bidding. It’s almost guaranteed leading up to and after every OF game (especially if Rangers win) that a “sectarian storm” erupts, from the ridiculous Hokey Cokey to Phil Mcgobblegiver’s tiresome exploitation of the hilarious famine song to boost his credibility as a serious journalist and to sell his novels (ha ha, I really did laugh out thinking of his novels).

      The Mopes also bombard every radio phone in crying about everything from oirish racism to Masonic refs. This is when they're not running to UEFA telling tales again with the assistance from Liewell’s media puppets, something our own chief exec and Chairman should’ve addressed but never.

      How do you think this behaviour will go down in England, not just with opposition clubs and fans but the media and governing bodies? The premiership is ruthless in being the masters of their own destiny and won’t tolerate for a second nonce F.C bringing the focus of UEFA on its own league members, especially when their fans are giving it the full I ran away songbook.

      It’s without doubt they couldn’t stop their anti-English/British tirades and it’s without doubt fans of the English clubs will retaliate, the Mopes would be at UEFA every week considering how easy it is to offend them.

      The premiership has also a track record of punishing clubs/fans for improper chanting so the mopes would be screwed here again. The more intriguing aspect is the English media, now this is a beast that no one can control. Liewell might think he’s shrewd but due to our own shortcomings he’s had an easy ride up here, how will he cope when he can’t cover up the behaviour of the his fans at away games?

      Liewell has also managed to portray nonce F.C in a decent light but once people get a look close up the reality will become the truth, something he can’t handle and no £30 software claims will get them off the hook.

      Nonce F.C had trouble at every game played in England, we know it, they know it, the media know it but it’s seems we’re the only ones who say it out loud. Liewell will open a can of worms he can’t control and I for one can’t wait if the move goes ahead. It wouldn’t surprise me if Liewell jumped ship before his reputation takes a battering ahead of any move.

      The other interesting aspect of this move could be a Team GB will eventually come to fruition, It’s without doubt the little money in the Scottish game will go if we do, I can see a couple of things happening over time. Firstly, the remaining SPL teams would probably like to follow suit and would probably consider even joining the English league at the bottom.

      The reality is these clubs will most likely never get through qualifiers for the Champions league etc and eventually trying to qualify will be the equivalent of a Northern Irish club doing likewise.

      I would also imagine that given time, players playing in the English league will be eligible to play for England team. Scotland’s national team will decline with the SPL and any Scottish players of real quality will begin to hold out for an England call up. The very though of a nonce F.C player doing so would be priceless, can you imagine the outcry from the Mopes?

      If the move goes ahead, I’ve no doubt through time a British league will evolve and then Team GB as FIFA will insist the national teams take the next logical step. The irony that ra Sellick helped achieve this by behaving once more like a cheap hooker whoring themselves is not lost on anyone.

      It should happen anyway as we have an “Irish” team playing in the SPL…

      :rfc: The team that drinks together, wins together :rfc: