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    • Wer hat denn den abgeholt? Seit wann haben Behörden aus Manchester Befugnisse einfach nach Schottland zu fahren und einen "Verdächtigen" mitzunehmen. Das muss ja wohl vorher mit der schottischen Polizei abgesprochen worden sein....
    • Lesenswert und den Download sollte man sich echt ziehen!


      'Setting the Standard' - A Project for Improving Rangers

      I doubt many Rangers supporters will be unaware of criticisms of our club in recent times. Inconsistent performance on the park; worsening financial problems off the park; ongoing and unchallenged negative supporter disciplinary coverage; and minimal methods for concerned fans to make their worries clear due to poor club/supporter relations precipitated by malfunctioning supporters groups. We could all add our own grievances.

      Of course it is easy for anyone to criticise – supporters, journalists and even the club have done so in various ways. However, it is important to keep these criticisms constructive to avoid adding to any perceived problems. It is with that positive outlook in mind that Gersnet have led an investigation into supporter concerns but, rather than simply complain, we felt it prudent to examine these valid issues and offer suggestions to address them. Having just won the SPL title, it is vital we use this position of relative strength to examine all areas of the club and improve our chances of future success.

      This project has initially taken the form of in-depth supporter articles available on various websites. A wide range of contributor background was utilised – from season ticket holders, to ex-pat supporters, to neutrals with relevant experience in certain fields.

      The main thrust of these articles was debated online and we now make these articles and their empirical conclusions available for download.

      The next obvious step is to provide the report for the perusal of Rangers Football Club and other relevant parties; such as the Rangers Supporters Assembly. We hope that this will stimulate debate in these organisations and ask all bodies in receipt of this report to contact us with their input. We also invite contributions from any supporters interested in the project.

      To conclude, the ‘Setting the Standard’ project is all about positive debate for the betterment of Rangers Football Club. Many Rangers supporters have already taken part and are interested in finding out more about the suggestions they offer. To that end we look forward to the club replying to the report in full and challenge all supporters to also get involved as this project develops.

      Yours in Rangers,
      Stewart Franklin - Project Leader

      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:
    • Rangers FC Agree to 'Setting the Standard' Debate

      We are pleased to announce that Rangers FC - via Chief Executive Martin Bain - have now commented on our 'Setting the Standard' project of the last few months.

      Mr Bain has made the following points worthy of note by fans interested in the project:

      * The club have read the report and thanked the contributors for their constructive efforts.

      * Many of the issues highlighted in the report have been prioritised by the club but should be the subject of continued and informed debate.

      * The club are open at all times to constructive recommendations and suggestions.

      * The club welcomes the opportunity to work positively with the Rangers family.

      * To that end, the club are recommending the report (available for download here) be tabled as a main agenda item at the next Rangers Supporters Assembly meeting where the club will be happy to participate.

      We welcome this positive momentum and hope that this initial discussion will prove to be the first step towards an open debate between the support and the club in relation to the main points of the ‘Setting the Standard’ report.

      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:
    • a happy the TWELFTH of July to all Teddy Bears :drink:

      remember the Boyne

      King Billy's on the Wall :scarf: :nana:

      Leider wurde nirgendwo im TV irgend etwas an Bildern aus Ulster gezeigt.Scheint den M(h)edien einfach zu ruhig udn friedlich zu sein,um drüber zu Berichten.aber Hauptsache immer "schön :look: den f*nian St.Patrick Day Hervorheben :vogelzeigen:
    • The Summer Break is well and truly over

      Roll up, roll up, it's the crazy time of the year.
      Rumours of Bougherra sale may be a stark warning of what is ahead.

      For those familiar with the goings-on at Ibrox Tuesday's horrible rumour from France would come as no surprise, only with that same sinking feeling we have felt in recent transfer windows. Yet again we find ourselves in a familiar position; our best playing assets apparently being touted around Europe to try and bring in finances to keep the club afloat. Yes, at this stage it is nothing more than a rumour but I cannot help but feel I have seen this all before. Bougherra is a vital player for us, he is not irreplaceable, but this club should not be continuing to have to operate in such a way. Selling our best players from one window to the next just to continue to survive is as embarrassing as it is frustrating.

      Don’t be fooled by the players apparent desire to stay at Rangers, in fact do not be fooled by any of the players apparent desire to stay with us. The fact remains, as we have seen in previous years (The Cuellar deal is absolutely identical to this whole situation) money talks, certainly in our Chairman’s world. What has troubled me all day is; How can we afford to negotiate our own TV deal at a cost of at least £12.5 million pounds but be in the position where we must sell our best players to survive? Could it be that for a certain someone, there is money to be made? I think we have every right to be sceptical and fear for the worst.

      This is a chairman who has been responsible for our club as we lurched from one financial disaster to the next. David Murray propelled Rangers towards financial disaster in the early 2000s only to be in a position where he was forced to underwrite a massive amount of debt himself. You would think that for such a businessman he would avoid that situation occurring again wouldn’t you? However we find ourselves right back in the mire yet again. It really just doesn’t make sense does it? What saddens me most is it feels like there is almost an air of desperation about our transfer dealings, it feels to a certain extent that we are almost begging teams to come and take our players for a fee less than their true valuation.

      By making our financial plight so clear in January everyone knows we are going to be easy to deal with when it comes to taking our players. Now let me get this clear, I do not hate David Murray. I am extremely grateful for what he did for Rangers in the early part of his tenure. However I now feel I am in the position where I am exasperated by his leadership at the club. Where has he been for most of this summer or since the whole January debacle? As supporters who continue to pump in our hard earned cash we are entitled to leadership from the top, reassurance that both financially and on the playing field there is a long-term business plan, not the apparent plod along and make it up as we go attitude we seem to have.

      If its not Bougherra this time, then it will be one of our top players before the summer is out, unfortunately I remain convinced of this. No one is going to pay the sort of money we need to ‘balance the books’ for one of our unwanted 1st team players. I’m afraid we must brace ourselves for the almost inevitability that we will be a weaker team, yet again, by the end of this transfer window. That does not mean that we will not be successful, however, as I believe with Walter Smith in charge he will always make us competitive. For some in power at Ibrox this seems to be enough. Yes, Walter has had a lot of money to spend but he has also recouped millions of pounds - also, his outlay isn’t as massive as one would think. When you really consider it all it's hard to understand why Walter receives any criticism at all, but that indeed is an argument for a completely different article.

      I also find myself asking: At what point will this way of running the club be enough for the support who refuse to see the light from the dark? Recent campaigns for change have been rubbished and attacked on the back of a league win which prevented a summer not even I dare think about. The league win should not have covered up the true goings on at Ibrox, the true mismanagement which sees the club yet again down a major hole; for some fans it will have. The same fans will be fooled into thinking any money we receive will be invested wisely on the football pitch, we may see an investment in playing staff but in will be minimal and done in a way that budgets will be cut.

      It's groundhog day all over again Bears and I fear for the close season ahead.

      We are Rangers, an institution, and quite frankly we deserve better than what we are currently getting.

      :rfc: Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise :rfc:
    • ich fasse es nicht,den Laden ham 'se dicht gemacht?

      ach nee und die fenians dürfen unbehelligt ihre IRA Scheisse everywhere the Globe gröhlen und bei uns machen sie Kneipen dicht. :rolleyes:

      Glaubt man etwa,in ihrem scheiss Brazen Head oder der Bairds Bar würde man NICHT anti-britische und anti-protestant. secterian Songs singen? :( es wird wieder mal mit zweierlei Maß gemessen,wie immer the same...FUCK! :motzen: :vogelzeigen: